How To Build Better Chest Muscles

Chest muscles are both aesthetically pleasing and a sign of true upper strength. No one starts out with well built chest muscles but they can be easily obtained. We will go over tips on how to build chest muscles to give you the look you want.

The barbell bench press gives you the most power for your efforts. The barbell comes with the advantage of being easy to grip and lift than something like dumbbells, making it possible to do the exercise with greater efficiency. Alterations in the width of the grip can be made to develop the chest muscles even further. Simply perform the press during the beginning of a workout, with low reps and heavy sets.

A bench press with dumbbells lets the body get an independent workout on each side, forcing stabilizer muscles to play a more active part in the workout. While they aren’t as easy to use as a barbell, you do get a better range of motion out of them. As with barbells, do the dumbbell press at the beginning of a workout to get low reps with heavy sets. Since the exercise is similar to the barbell press, it isn’t necessary to do them both in a workout. You can try alternating on different days with the dumbbell and barbell presses.

An incline is a good modifier for a barbell press, and a low incline can be used for focusing on a specific area. Steep angle inclines focus more on the front delts, but a better option for a chest workout is to use a low incline that works the upper pectoral muscles. A more inward grip really works out these upper muscles during workouts. During your workout routine, occasionally start with the inclines, rather than transitioning tot hem later on. When you do this, you’ll be able to lift more weight and more growth is possible in the muscles.

A machine decline press exercise comes with the benefit of independent arm movement, making it ideal for chest development. A machine can be used traditionally by sitting straight, or by sitting sideways and pressing with one arm for an entirely different feel. The sideways method also works the transverse abduction in a similar way to cable flies. When doing your workout routine, first focus on free weight exercises, then use the machine decline press as one of the last parts of your workout.

Some machine chest presses will work well for chest exercises because you can get a slower repetition out of it. This exercise uses less of the deltoid muscles than free weight variant exercises. Since not as much stabilization and shoulder work is needed, the pectorals can become the main target of the workout. All you have to do is save these presses for the end of the workout for the best results.

Dips are a great exercise for increased chest strength because they don’t require a spot like the decline press. By placing the feet upward behind the body and leaning forward, the pectoral muscles can be focused with each dip. Make sure when doing the dip, the elbows flare out for the best results. Those with limited strength can perform the exercise early in their routine, but it can also be saved until the end if you are strong enough to handle it and even works well when paired with push ups.

Use these tips on how to build chest muscles. After adding these exercises to your workout, you should be able to gain a great chest in months.


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