Do This Every Day For 1 Minute. It’s Far More Effective Than 1000 Sit-Ups

We all know that when you’re aiming to reduce weight and tone your body the most stubborn body part is the tummy area. Working your abdominal area is maybe the most irritating part of the exercise routine and we all fear the notorious stay up. Fortunately for you, we have an exercise which will guarantee to turn your tummy fat into flat and toned muscles quicker than any other exercise. Inning accordance with the fitness specialists it’s more efficient than 1000 sit ups.

This amazing static exercise is called the plank. You hold your entire body weight on your toes and fingers while you’re keeping your body totally straight. For this exercise to have the desired effect you must hold your body perfectly still. The plank is also good for people suffering from back pain because our spine needs strong abdominal muscles for sturdy support.Flat Stomach

You need to do this exercise a couple of times a week, ten minutes each time. If you follow the advices and do the exercise properly you will get a flat and toned abdomen and it would have the same effect as if you’ve done 1000 sit ups.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your body perfectly straight the entire time. Here’s how you should do the exercise:

  • Place the palms on the floor and your shoulders as wider apart as possible. Stretch your neck and loosen up your hands. You need to feel them comfortable.
  • This exercise mainly targets the abdominal area. During the exercise you’ll feel a burning sensation in your legs, which is how it’s supposed to be. If you don’t feel the burning sensation set your heels further apart creating a bigger tension in the quadriceps. Squeeze the butt muscles and activate your lower body as well.
  • Hold your butt low to the ground; your body must stay straight leveled to the ground.
  • Remember to breathe rhythmically, in and out.
  • Again it’s crucial to stay in a completely straight position. Just picture a ball rolling on your body which shouldn’t get stuck on your lower back, or a glass which if placed on your lower back won’t fall because it’s straight.

Now do the exercise:

Place your knees and hands on the floor. The wrists in line with your shoulders and back straight.

Raise your head about 30 inches.

Stretch out the right leg behind you and then the left as well. By doing so your body will be totally supported on your toes and hands.

Tighten the abdominal muscles and stay in this position for 20 seconds to 1 minute. As long as you can.

Pull back and sit on your heels, bending the knees. The big toes should touch each other when you separate the knees.

Bend forward and touch the floor with your forehead, lowering the knees towards the thighs. Stretch your arms forward and relax.

Take a deep breath and repeat it two more times. The more you do it the longer you’ll be able to hold the plank position and eventually you’ll reach the 1 minute goal.

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