Smelling This Herb For 5 Minutes Every Day Can Increase Memory By 75%!

Many people don’t know that rosemary is a very powerful herb which has been widely used in traditional and alternative medicine for centuries. It has a number of medicinal properties which promote your overall health, including improving your memory and helping with cognitive issues.Smelling This Herb For 5 Minutes Every Day Can Increase Memory By 75

Students in Greece are well aware of this memory-boosting property of rosemary which is why they always wear a branch of this herb in their herb when they have an important exam.

According to many studies rosemary contains carnosic acid, a compound that has the ability to fight toxic components that affect the brain.

Rosemary was even mentioned in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, thanks to its amazing benefits. “There’s rosemary that’s for remembrance, pray, love,” said Ophelia, referring to its amazing abilities. Aside for being used for centuries in alternative medicine, modern medicine uses it as well as an analgesic for migraine and digestive issues.


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