Stop Eating This Fish Asap! Read About The Disgusting Reasons Why!!!

Although there are numerous indications that this fish is farm -raised in China in very bad conditions, it is still one of the most consumed fish in America.

This is because this fish is not expensive and can be purchased without skin and bones. It is also quite tasty.

The problem with tilapia is connected with its origin. Most of the tilapia on the market is farm-raised not wild. Even in the restaurants, you are served with farm-raised tilapia. That is why each day thousands of fish are harvested.

The difference between farm-raised and wild tilapia is that the wild tilapia consumes plants and algae while the harvested tilapia is fed with soy pellets and GMO corn. Wild tilapia is rich in healthy fish oil unlike the farm-raised one. The farm-raised tilapia is also not healthy because of the following reasons.

  1. Inflammation

Farm- raised tilapia can cause inflammation. Even more, it can worsen the inflammation caused by already existing medical conditions as arthritis, asthma and heart diseases. You are wrong if you think that you will get the beneficial omega- 3 fatty acids from this fish, which are known to help against heart diseases. The truth is that tilapia is often the main cause of inflammations and is even worse than bacon or hamburgers.

  1. Cancer Causing Pollutants

Farmed-raised fish is also 10 times more exposed to various cancer-causing toxins than the wild tilapia. Are you aware that farm-raised tilapia is feed with chicken poop as well?  Even the waste from ducks and pigs is used in processing of fish food.

  1. Higher Pesticides and Antibiotics

Farm-bred fish also contains high amount of pesticides and antibiotics. This is because the farm fish are bred in a crowd so they are more prone to various diseases. So, breeders give them antibiotics to keep them healthy. Pesticides on other hand are used for destroying sea lice. These pesticides are so harmful that can kill wild salmon when is exposed to them. These pesticides  also released in the sea so they negatively affect the whole sea flora and fauna.

  1. Low Omega-3 to Omega-6 Ratios

Farm-raised tilapia contains far less nutrients than the wild one. For example, the omega -3 fatty acids in farm-bred tilapia are not as beneficial as the omega -3 fatty acids in the wild tilapia. Also the farm-raised tilapia contains less protein.  As they are bred in large pools and fed with processed food, they are fattier and contain more omega 6 fatty acids. Over consumption of omega 6 fatty acids leads to inflammation.

  1. High Dioxin Levels

Furthermore, farm-bred tilapia has higher dioxin levels, which are 11 times higher than the ones found in wild tilapia. Dioxins are toxic and can even be the cause of cancer development. The worst thing is that when dioxin enters into the body it needs a really long time to get out- about 7-11 years.

Now that you know how harmful the farm-raised tilapia is, try to avoid it and replace it with healthier fish or wild tilapia.

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